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The Infocenter – Definitely worth a visit

What is actually happening with the products deposited at the collection sites of the SuperDrecksKëscht®? A question that is frequently asked. For this reason the SuperDrecksKëscht® invites everyone who is interested to come to Colmar-Berg to see what is happening with valuable and dangerous substances.

We will show you the reverse production with the reception of products, the warehouses where dangerous and valuable products are stored and the area where they are sorted and treated. Various parts, as for instance paint and lacquer, domestic cleaners and pesticides as well as fluorescent tubes and electronic waste are controlled or commissioned. Some products are dismounted or treated as for instance electronic waste or fire extinguishers. The frying grease treatment installations are also quite interesting.

Upon request groups may also visit the Lab . Its primary tasks are quality insurance and industrial safety. Its qualified staff has state of the art analyzing appliances, which comply with the highest requirements.

After the visit, the SuperDrecksKëscht® Shop provides a place to further discuss these subjects while hot and cold beverage are at your disposal. You may also buy the SuperDrecksKëscht® products in the Shop.

Visits are possible by appointment only , during working hours and also during weekends. The duration and the type of visit can be defined on an individual basis. This allows specialized groups and children/adolescent groups to fully profit from their visit.

During the year, we are organizing several open door days when visitors are also offered a special program. Everyone can come and no appointments are needed on these days.