Games to learn about our environment: the SuperSpillMobil

"Maach mat - Spill mat - Gewann mat" (Participate - play - win)

Children are the best multipliers for environmentally correct behavior. Therefore, we try to inform them through playing and guide them to act in an environmentally friendly way. This thought led to the creation of the SuperSpillMobil, which is mobile, not impacted by weather conditions and thus usable in many ways. In 2011, a new device was designed which takes into account the modern needs.

The SuperSpillMobil is put at the disposal of communes, schools and associations for pedagogic purposes relating to the environment.


The SuperSpillMobil contains the following games:

  • Super-dice-game: A team game with questions and answers regarding the environment
  • What do we feel: Discovering objects with the hands
  • Areas of living: Allocate animals to their natural environment
  • Question and answer quiz: Questions and answers not only regarding waste but the environment in general
  • Water game:Questions and answers regarding the correct use of water
  • The energy game „Spuer Watt!”
  • Pound game: a modern creative game for everyone

Thus, the SuperSpillMobil not only offers various games on different aspects but these games also take into account the age of the children with different level of difficulty. Kids, children and adolescents can learn new things about the environment.

Informing and promoting the awareness regarding the environment with kids, adolescents but also adults - this is the objective of theSuperSpillMobil .

The SuperSpillMobil is available with competent assistance thus organizers do not need to provide for trained personnel.

To increase motivation, every player is awarded a small price, for instance a pencil, rubber, or some other type of reward


Technical data:

Games can be booked by topic water, energy or waste separation or separately.

The SuperSpillMobil is 8 meters long, 4,50 meters large and 2,20 m high. In addition, space is required for folding the side walls. The SuperSpillMobil pavilion has an overall surface of 3x3 meters an is 2,3 meters high. It is recommended to foresee additional space for the games.


The SuperSpillMobil is put at the disposal free of charge of schools or communes in Luxembourg and if you wish, can be present at your next event.

The success story started in 1996 with at least one day use per week.

Further information: Tel: 488216-234 (Nadine Schneider) or e-mail nadine.schneider@sdk.lu.


The current SuperSpillmobil brochure is available as a pdf file or can be ordered.

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