The games in the SuperSpillMobil

Questions and answers quiz

Material: Question plates and answer cards with numbers and patterns

Players: 1 player and more, various levels of difficulty, minimum age 5 years up to 14

Questions relate to various aspects of the environment (waste, environment, energy, raw material, nature) for various age groups. The right answer is selected among several possible answers and answer cards are put in a display. Correct answers are identified on the basis of a pattern formed by the back of the answer cards.

Natural environments

Material: Boxes with natural environments, animals and humans toys

Players: 1 player and more, minimum age 3 years up to about 6

Animals and human beings are allocated to their natural environments from all climatic areas (desert, tropic regions, artic regions). The game shows children how important it is to protect nature and environment.

Super dice game

Material: Game board, dice with various colors, 5 buckets, 25 balls in 5 colors

Players: 1 player and more, minimum age 7 years up to 12 years

The game focuses on prevention and recycling of different waste categories (paper, glass, plastic, organic waste and dangerous substances). Children can either play alone or in small groups. The beginner casts the dice and moves to the corresponding field to answer a question. Every right answer entitles to a colored ball with the object to collect 5 different color balls and to be the first to reach the center of the board.

What do we feel?

Material: Box with objects, cards to fill out

Players: from 1 to 12 players, minimum age 7 years up to 10 years (5 years without the cards)

The purpose of the game is to show children that products are made out of various materials and thus need to be collected separately in order to be recycled. Children put their hands through the holes in the box and try to identify the object inside the box. The number of the hole and the right object are written on the card. Objects are then linked to ecologic alternatives on the right side of the card.

Water game

Material: Game board, playing cards

Players: 1 player and more, minimum age 5 years up to 12 years

This game is about the right use of water and how our daily activities affect water. It is about food and drinking, i.e. about drinking water and why water benefits from our consumption of regional and organic products too. It is about water consumption for sanitary purposes, cleaning and washing. It is about how to save water in the garden and how to protect water from pollution through waste reduction and recycling.

Energy game „Spuer Watt”

Material: Magnetic board with the picture of a house, magnet plates to stick on the board

Players:1 player and more, various levels of difficulty, minimum age 5 years up to 14 years

The energy game focuses on the energy consumption in the house. Children should learn that electric appliances need precious energy to function and be aware of the quantity of energy needed (for older kids). An extended version of the game relates to identify possibilities to save energy.

Pound game

Material: 2 large pounds, 12 event fields and 12 water lily fields

Players: 1 player and more, various levels of difficulty, minimum age 5 years up to 12 years

Children should help to reconvert a contaminated pound into a clean pound which offers a home to many plants and animals by proceeding to a series of joyful activities.

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