Training and education:

Safety and the future – Learning for the sustainable development of Luxembourg

Nothing will continue to work without constant learning and training – today this applies to all areas of day-to-day life and work.

Even in the traditional areas of life such as buying products (consumption), disposal of waste products (reverse consumption) and maintenance and care work (washing, polishing, cleaning etc.), adequate knowledge of the background and interconnections is of great advantage. Adequate knowledge means:

  • Protection of your own health
  • Cost savings
  • Maintenance of our natural environment and resources

SuperDrecksKëscht® is not only a national specialist in the collection of problem products and advice on ecological waste management. Over the years it has also developed comprehensive know-how in order to achieve sustainable materials management in an ecological and economical sense combined with high quality and in the interests of the state, consumers and the economy. This means turning aside from the traditional separation between supply and disposal and towards reverse consumption management, integrated with the consumer sector. SuperDrecksKëscht® passes on its practically-orientated know-how in the course of training courses and visits. In this way it makes a major contribution towards maintaining and securing the future of Luxembourg and the wellbeing of its citizens by means of environmental innovation and resource efficiency management.

SuperDrecksKëscht® ’s range of services is orientated in particular towards:

  • Those responsible for waste management and safety at work
  • Those responsible for the purchase and use of cleaning agents
  • Cleaning staff
  • Job seekers in training measures
  • Interested parties.



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