The qualification center - Something to learn for everyone

The first objective of the SuperDrecksKëscht®is prevention. Every gram of waste that is not generated is a success. The SuperDrecksKëscht® Center therefore regularly organizes presentations, training and seminars regarding waste prevention and long-term consumption.

The partners of the SuperDrecksKëscht®, for instance the recycling center or the cooperation partners will receive qualified continuous training in their work fields where priority is given to the safe handling of hazardous waste.

Architects and engineers can receive training at the SuperDrecksKëscht® Center which will allow them to advice building and construction companies for an ecologic and cost saving waste management on construction sites.

Together with public institutions operating in education and social fields, the SuperDrecksKëscht® Center provides continuous training where participants can learn how to responsibly deal with raw material and energy.

The qualification center of the SuperDrecksKëscht® is also open to companies, schools and other actors of school life.

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