Certified training course (CNFPC): "Company waste management officers" ( 3 DAYS)


- Improving waste management within the company

- Acquiring comprehensive knowledge of waste management practice


Course content:

Legal guidelines

  • Waste Management Act
  • Transport
  • „Etablissements Classés“

Waste management in Luxembourg

  • National waste situation
  • Infrastructure and stakeholders
  • SuperDrecksKëscht® fir Betriber
  • How to correctly collect, store and dispose of commercial waste

This course is coordinated by the SuperDrecksKëscht® “Qualifications” department on behalf of CNFPC Ettelbruck and is available online as part of its “continuous professional development” programme: Responsable de la gestion des déchets dans l’entreprise

As this is a certified course, there is a written test at the end of the training course and the CNFPC issues diplomas once specific criteria have been met.


Please contact us for personalised information about our training programme and training courses and details of how to register :

Malou Origer +352 488 216-228 or training@sdk.lu

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Recycling and reverse production


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