EcoCleaner - Eco-friendly cleaning for buildings

The “EcoCleaner” training modules are based on the “Leonardo – lifelong learning” European project. The course content was developed during a two-year project phase with partners in Germany and Austria and implemented in all three countries. Since these training courses proved so popular, once the project came to an end SuperDrecksKëscht® decided to continue offering the EcoCleaner course. The three-day course has been tailored to fit national requirements and can be booked either as single day modules or as a complete course. The modules are delivered at regular intervals throughout the year (please refer to the Schulungskatalog 2017).

EcoCleaner course content summary (3 days) :

Reflection about the profession

  • Pros and cons
  • Responsibility
  • Environment and sustainability

Environmental factors and dimensions of sustainability

  • Sustainability in practice
  • What impact do cleaning activities have on the environment?

Eco-friendly cleaning in three stages

  • Eco-friendly products and their dosage
  • Superfluous products
  • Sinner's Circle

Chemistry for cleaning

  • Ingredients in cleaning agents
  • pH and correct use of products
  • Toxicology and potential hazards of cleaning agents
  • Safety at work (protection, hands, safety data sheets, etc.)

Cleaning methods

  • Cleaning of surfaces and sanitary areas
  • Microfibre
  • Practical tips for correct posture while cleaning (ergonomy)
  • Floor cleaning and maintenance – by hand and by machine


Information about individual EcoCleaner day modules: 

Eco Cleaner - DAY 1                         Eco Cleaner - DAY 2                       Eco Cleaner - DAY 3


Please contact us for personalised information about our training programme and training courses and details of how to register :

Malou Origer +352 488 216-228 or training@sdk.lu

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