Let's play !


- Fun

- Promoting dexterity and concentration

- Promoting sense of group togetherness

- Raising awareness of waste prevention/recycling


Playing is more than a pastime! Games such as “1, 2 or 3” convey knowledge in a playful way and can be applied to any number of different subjects. Complex issues are much easier to explain through play, as is the case for issues of the environment and sustainability.

You don’t need any elaborate teaching materials to be able to play. Also, with a bit of waste and a pinch of creativity, you can produce fun but environmentally-friendly variants of the game.

The fun of playing generates positive emotions inside us, which means that whatever we learn through the game stays in our minds for much longer than anything we simply memorise. Play teaches children to take responsibility, to be considerate of each other and also, incidentally, to follow rules. Playing is a valuable activity that maintains our natural curiosity and therefore also our motivation and love for learning.

Our “Let’s play!” activities are suited to the comprehension and learning processes of children of kindergarten and primary school age.

Play is “food for the soul”: everybody needs food!

Contact us for individual information about our workshop “Let’s play!”:

Nadine Schneider +352 488 216-234 or nadine.schneider@sdk.lu

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