Fun Scavenger Hunt !


- Fun

- Promoting the feeling for nature with all senses

- Promoting sense of group togetherness

- Raising awareness of handling nature in a sustainable way


Playing outside appeals to all the senses! That’s why scavenger hunts are often hugely popular with children. Exercising in the fresh air is good for them, it strengthens the immune system and satisfies a child’s instinct for freedom, as where else can you find abundant open space than in the great outdoors.

As the children explore their natural surroundings in small groups, they look for clues, trophies and photos or simply for people and treasure. Children’s scavenger hunts are easy to organise and therefore can be designed on an entirely bespoke basis.

On a scavenger hunt, children learn to individually observe nature with all their senses. At the same time, outdoor activities also increase concentration skills and help reduce stress.

Our “Fun Scavenger Hunt!” activity is suited to the comprehension and learning processes of children of kindergarten and primary school age.

A scavenger hunt is really fun: everybody needs fun!

Contact us for individual information about our workshop “Fun Scavenger Hunt!”:

Nadine Schneider +352 488 216-234 or nadine.schneider@sdk.lu

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