SDK Theater ("SDK Theatre") - become a director of a thrilling story

Clear the stage! The SDK Theater activity is based on the exciting story of the „D`Geschicht vum Offallmonster“ ("The Story of the Waste Monster") (see Workshop „Experience stories!“). Reading a story aloud is nice and relaxing - but acting out the same story yourself is really exciting!

Theatre is such a special thing and it isn’t just for grown-ups. In SDK Theater, the schoolchildren show the audience what positive effects our targeted actions to sort waste could have on our natural surroundings and the future of humanity.

The waste monster story is designed so that children of different age groups can take the stage: for example, children in school classes, nursery groups, youth groups or residences. The sky’s the limit for you to unleash your creativity as a director, actor, mark-up artist, scenery painter, costume designer, hair stylist or even musical director.


The emphasis in SDK Theaters is to give children and young people the opportunity to slide into new roles and discover their hidden talents by designing and acting out the „Geschicht vum Offallmonster“ (“Story of the Waste Monster”) themselves. They can discover the crucial topic of waste sorting for themselves in a fun way and pass on what they learn to the audience themselves.

SDK Theater for a sustainable future !

Contact us for individual information about our SDK Theater:

Nadine Schneider +352 488 216-234 or nadine.schneider@sdk.lu

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