Introductory course: „The ABC of cleaning“ (1 DAY)


- Raising awareness of eco-friendly cleaning

- Learning how to handle materials and products correctly using practical exercises

Course content:

Environment and Sustainability

  • How does cleaning impact on the environment?
  • Water / sanitation issues

Eco-friendly cleaning in three stages

  • Eco-friendly cleaning agents
  • Dosage
  • Sinner`s Circle

Chemistry of cleaning

  • Ingredients in cleaning agents
  • pH and using products correctly
  • Toxicology and the potential hazards of cleaning agents
  • Safety at work (protection, hands, safety data sheets, etc.)
  • Cleaning methods for surface and sanitary area cleaning, microfibre
  • Practical tips for maintaining the correct posture while cleaning (ergonomy)


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Malou Origer +352 488 216-228 or training@sdk.lu

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