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Batteries and accumulators Dry batteries: zinc carbon, alkali manganese, quicksilver, lithium batteries, Small accumulators: nickel metal hybrid (NiMh), lithium (Li), Lead accumulators (Pb), Ni Cd accumulators View
Cardboard and paper newspapers, catalogues, paper, cardboard, wax paper View
Chemicals / Solvents / Cleaners Solid and liquid chemicals: Chemicals used in laboratories, carbide, phosphide, chlorate, heavy metal salts, hydrogen peroxide chemicals; Brines: Ammoniac, caustic alkali, caustic chalk, caustic sodium, paint remover; Bitumen, tar, roofing felt, bitumen shingle, roofing Solvents (halogenated): Methylene chloride, chloroform; PER; TRI; TETRA; Solvents (halogen free): Acetone, alcohols, methylated spirits, cold cleaner, nitrogen dilution, test fuel, terpentine substitution, thinner, toluol, washing fuel, White Spirit, xylol; Acids: formic acid, citric acid; acetic acid, oxalic acid, phosphor acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, perchloric acid; Alkali, acid, neutral cleaners View
Cooking oil and greases Cooking oils and greases in solid or liquid form, frying oils, lard, vegetal oils, coco grease, oil of preserved food View
Data supports and print media toner cartridges; ink cartridges; Data supports: Magnet tapes; audio tapes; video tapes; disks; CD; DVD; USB flash drives; memory cards View
Electric and electronic products and components computers, meters, appliances with cathode tubes, printer, fax machines, copy machines, tools, small household appliances, entertainment electronic, phones/mobile phones, appliances with digital display, LCD screens, electric appliances in cars; View
Bulbs, fluorescent lamps and products containing quicksilver Lamps (not contaminated): bulbs, halogen lamps, spots; Lamps (containing quicksilver): fluorescent tubes, energy saving lamps, mercury vapor lamps; Lamps (containing sodium): sodium lamps at low pressure; Products containing quicksilver: thermometers, quicksilver switches, elementary quicksilver View
Gas in pressurized containers / Extinguishers / Aerosol cans / PU foam cans Pressurized gas bottles: propane, butane, acetylene, carbon dioxide, oxygen and various other types; Gas cartridges: propane, butane, Gas lighters, Gas lighters refills Gas extinguishers: halon, carbon dioxide (CO2), Nitrogen (N2) Powder extiguishers: ABC, ABCE, BC, D Water, foam extinguishers Fire extinguishing powder: ABC, ABCE, powder, BC, D powder Aerosol cans with any type of content, foam cans, PU foam cans View
Glass waste Flat glass: glass, window, doors; Laminated glass: car windows, windscreen; Hollow glass, glass bottles, glass containers View
Material for heat and sound insulation Foam glass, glass wool; rock wool; PU foam; Styropor; extruded polystyrene, Styrodur View
Products containing asbestos asbestos containing electric appliances, storage heaters, toasters, fan heater Asbestos containing building material: Eternit, roofing tiles; Eternit tiles; heat insulation panels. Asbestos containing products: brake lining, seals View
Medication, cosmetics and medical waste Medication: pills, medical sprays, pump sprays, salves, juice, drops; Cosmetics: body lotions, bath additives; Medical waste: used syringes, canulas View
Metals Iron waste: metal, iron, metal sheet, high graded steel , inox, clean metal packaging without remainders, Non-iron metals: copper, brass, aluminum, lead, bronze, zinc View
Mineral waste Mineral construction material: mineral waste, concrete, rocks, bricks, plaster, ceramic waste, soil, demolition waste View
Organic waste In general: food, not suitable for consumption; Plant: garden waste, park waste, kitchen waste, canteen waste, other compostable waste, remainders of the production of juice and wine All animal tissue, not suitable for consumption: bones, rind, fat, tendons, dead animals View
Packaging of dangerous substances Containers of chemicals, cleaners, paint, lacquer, acids, brines, photochemical products, containers of oil, grease, fuel, containers of plant, pest treatment substances View
Old paints and lacquers paints; lacquers; sealing products; polishing; waxes; glues; silicone; remainders from solvent recycling; paint mud; lacquer mud; paint dust; paint contaminated products View
Pesticides and manure pesticides; manure View
Plastics (general) Plexiglas®, PMMA, PVC products, floor coverings, windows, shutters, doors, profiles; other plastics of unknown composition View
Plastics in construction Plastic tubes made out of PE, PP and PVC View
Plastics (packaging materials) Plastic films, Moulds made out of: polyethylene (PE); polypropylene (PP) and polyurethane (PU); Styropor; Containers made out of: PE, PP, polystyrene (PS), PET (polyethyleneterephtalate); Compound cardboard, Tetrapak; Packaging chips View
Plastics in vehicles Fuel tanks (empty), hub caps, rear lights, indicators, bumpers, glass fiber, polypropylene (PP), polycarbonate (PC), PU (foamed), front lights, mirrors View
Textiles Textiles; textile waste, carpets, clothes View
Tires and rubber products Rubber waste: V-belt, gear belt, seals, tubes, rubber mats Tires: all types of tires without rim View
Used oils, greases and emulsions Mineral oils: (natural and synthetic): Hydraulic oil, lubricants; engine oil, gear oil emulsions: oils with water, oil radiators, liquids containing PCB, thermal oils, contaminated fuels, fuel, diesel, mazout Separator contents; mud from used water treatment View
Waste from residential areas Domestic waste, cumbersome waste; road waste; small business waste View
Waste from crafts - automotive / mechanics / surface inflated airbags; safety belt; tensioners; car catalysts; brake liquid; cooling liquid; chock absorbers Sanding waste; abrasives; Filter material: oil filter; diesel filter; heating fuel filter; grease filter; spray cabin filter; Oil contaminated products: Oil bonding agents; cleaning pads View
Wood and cork waste Wood products, wood shavings, wood boxes, palettes, bottle corks View

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