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Waste from crafts - automotive / mechanics / surface

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inflated airbags; safety belt; tensioners; car catalysts; brake liquid; cooling liquid; chock absorbers
Sanding waste; abrasives;
Filter material: oil filter; diesel filter; heating fuel filter; grease filter; spray cabin filter;
Oil contaminated products: Oil bonding agents; cleaning pads


Airbags and safety belt tensioners should be removed or deactivated before further treatment of the car. Catalysts contain precious metals (platinum, rhodium)  and do not belong into waste. Brake liquid contains glycol ether and additives, cooling liquid contains ethylene glycol and water. Chock absorbers contain oil. Addblue consists of urea compounds.

Filters, which are in contact with or filter dangerous substances as oils, greases or paint become dangerous material themselves.

Sanding waste and abrasives may, according to the processed product, contain heavy metals and organic contamination.


Proceed to a separate collection of the various substances to allow for their recycling.

Recycling/environment correct disposal:

Brake and cooling liquid as well as oil and metal from chock absorbers can be recycled and re-introduced into the substance circuit. Precious metals from catalysts also undergo treatment. Airbags and safety belt tensioners are dismounted and undergo thermal (plastic) and material (metal) treatment. Addblue undergo thermal treatment.

Oil and diesel filter are shredded at a recycling site. Metal and oil are recycled. Plastic and paper undergo thermal treatment. Spray cabin filter and oil contaminated products undergo high temperature treatment.


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