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Cooking oil and greases

Cooking oils and greases in solid or liquid form, frying oils, lard, vegetal oils, coco grease, oil of preserved food


New technologies allow to process vegetal greases to produce high quality bio-diesel which can be used in diesel vehicles or bio-heating centrals.

Approximately 94 % of the collected cooking fat and oil by the SuperDrecksKëscht® are used for the production of biodiesel, another part is used directly to heat the SuperDrecksKëscht® center in Colmar-Berg. Only a small part is used for energetic valorisation due to contamination.

All trucks and vans and even part of the cars from the SuperDrecksKëscht® continue to use biodiesel. In 2014 the heating installations were centralized on the site and switched to direct operation with used cooking fat and oils.

In order to optimize the use of used fats and oils in an ecological and economical way for the purpose of the circular economy, the German REDcert certification system is applied since 2014. The system is certifying a sustainable use of biomass in compliance with the German biomass sustainability provision, which was recognized by the EU Commission at the European level. Within this frame, all product flows are precisely documented and processed separately as to their origin (separation by plant / animal origin - cf also www.redcert.org).


Cooking oils and greases should never be dumped into the sewers as they can be clogged and can impact the functioning of water treatment plants.

Avoid unnecessary quantities of water, frying and roasting remainders in greases and oil as these substances can prevent recycling.

Recycling/environment correct disposal:

Cooking oils and greases are directly used for central heating or processed in a processing plant to become bio-diesel (methyl ester of fat acid FME). Contaminated greases and oils have to undergo heat treatment in appropriate installations.




REDCert DE 2014 03 Einsammlung (pdf)

REDCert DE 2014 03 Verarbeitung (pdf)

REDCert EU 2014 10 (pdf)

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