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Bulbs, fluorescent lamps and products containing quicksilver

acid toxic
Lamps (not contaminated): bulbs, halogen lamps, spots;
Lamps (containing quicksilver): fluorescent tubes, energy saving lamps, mercury vapor lamps;
Lamps (containing sodium): sodium lamps at low pressure;
Products containing quicksilver: thermometers, quicksilver switches, elementary quicksilver


Quicksilver can cause damage to the brain and nerves or the metabolism. Low-pressure sodium lamps contain elementary sodium, which reacts heavily with water. 


Use energy saving lamps to save electricity and money. Ask your reseller which types are appropriate for your use. Take a look on the directions on www.clever-akafen.lu.

Recycling/environment correct disposal:

Non-contaminated lamps are shredded and metal and glass are recycled. 

Lamps containing quicksilver are treated in a closed installation to recycle all components inclusive quicksilver. Quicksilver in products containing quicksilver is retrieved by distillation.


The collection of non-commercial electrical / electronic equipment takes place via the collection system for electrical / electronic waste ecotrel.

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