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Gas in pressurized containers / Extinguishers / Aerosol cans / PU foam cans

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Pressurized gas bottles: propane, butane, acetylene, carbon dioxide, oxygen and various other types;
Gas cartridges: propane, butane,
Gas lighters, Gas lighters refills
Gas extinguishers: halon, carbon dioxide (CO2), Nitrogen (N2)
Powder extiguishers: ABC, ABCE, BC, D
Water, foam extinguishers
Fire extinguishing powder: ABC, ABCE, powder, BC, D powder
Aerosol cans with any type of content, foam cans, PU foam cans


Lighters, aerosol cans and modern refrigeration equipment contain flammable gas.

Treat gas bottles with the necessary care!

Many old refrigerators even have CFC that are harmful for ozone and climate.

Many gases contribute to the greenhouse effect, if there occurs an uncontrolled release.

Fire extinguishers contain an extinguishing agent in pressurized metal cylinders resistant to pressure, which is released by greenhouse gas (mostly CO2) in powder and liquid extinguishers.


Ask for advice from professional resellers when buying fire extinguishers and buy the appropriate device for your specific need. Ensure regular maintenance.

If possible use refillable aerosol systems or pump spray.

Recycling/environment correct disposal:

Still usable gas bottles can be refilled after proper treatment. Otherwise, the gas is collected and incinerated and the metal goes to the metal recycling.

Fire extinguishers are dismounted as appropriate and powders separated according to type. Metals are recycled and plastic parts undergo thermal treatment.

The metals from the spray cans can be recovered - the residual contents are used thermally.

In the case of PU foam cans, the metals are sent for material recycling. A large part of the propellant gases and PU foam components can be recycled to the production of new PU foam cans.

Lighters, among other things, and not removable products are incinerated.

CFCs from refrigerating appliances are destroyed.


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