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Products containing asbestos

asbestos containing electric appliances, storage heaters, toasters, fan heater
Asbestos containing building material: Eternit, roofing tiles; Eternit tiles; heat insulation panels. Asbestos containing products: brake lining, seals


Asbestos is a natural, fine fiber rock with a number of usable characteristics. The danger of asbestos is linked to the sharp fiber form, which penetrates into the lung and can destroy its sensitive tissue (asbestosis). While handling asbestos containing products, avoid to generate dust and wear a dust protection mask during all works with such products. You should in no case break the asbestos cement sheets.


In general, new products do not contain asbestos and are not dangerous for health.

Recycling/environment correct disposal:

Disposal of asbestos containing substances and materials on a special waste disposal site.

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