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Medication, cosmetics and medical waste

Medication: pills, medical sprays, pump sprays, salves, juice, drops;
Cosmetics: body lotions, bath additives;
Medical waste: used syringes, canulas


Medication substances may, if handled inappropriately or in high concentrations, harm human beings and the environment. This count also for cosmetics. Used syringes and cannulas represent a significant potential danger for disposal and thus should be collected in the safety boxes.

Statistics of Medication from 1993-2019


Only buy the quantities you actually need. Use safety boxes (available in pharmacies) to collect syringes and cannulas.

Recycling/environment correct disposal:

Unusable medication and cosmetics as well as syringes and cannulas undergo heat treatment in appropriate installations. 


Important! Not in the household waste!

The collection of medication and syringes is carried out together with the pharmacies in Luxembourg (Syndicat des Pharmaciens Luxembourgeois).


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