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Old paints and lacquers

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paints; lacquers; sealing products; polishing; waxes; glues; silicone; remainders from solvent recycling; paint mud; lacquer mud; paint dust; paint contaminated products


Paint and lacquers contain pigments (coloring), solvents, bonding agents and other additives. Heavy metal compounds were frequently used as coloring agents in the past but also recent paint and lacquer (for instance without solvents) contain additives as preservatives, which are dangerous for health.


Use solvent free water lacquers as well as natural oils and waxes for wood treatment. Avoid using paint containing solvents. Use paints and lacquers that are environmentally friendly. See also the directions on www.clever-akafen.lu.

Recycling/environment correct disposal:

Recycling of metal an plastic containers, use leftover paints and lacquers as a substitute fuel.


Important! Not in the household waste!

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