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Cardboard and paper newspapers, catalogues, paper, cardboard, wax paper View
Chemicals / Solvents / Cleaners Solid and liquid chemicals: Chemicals used in laboratories, carbide, phosphide, chlorate, heavy metal salts, hydrogen peroxide chemicals; Brines: Ammoniac, caustic alkali, caustic chalk, caustic sodium, paint remover; Bitumen, tar, roofing felt, bitumen shingle, roofing Solvents (halogenated): Methylene chloride, chloroform; PER; TRI; TETRA; Solvents (halogen free): Acetone, alcohols, methylated spirits, cold cleaner, nitrogen dilution, test fuel, terpentine substitution, thinner, toluol, washing fuel, White Spirit, xylol; Acids: formic acid, citric acid; acetic acid, oxalic acid, phosphor acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, perchloric acid; Alkali, acid, neutral cleaners View
Cooking oil and greases Cooking oils and greases in solid or liquid form, frying oils, lard, vegetal oils, coco grease, oil of preserved food View

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