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Products containing asbestos asbestos containing electric appliances, storage heaters, toasters, fan heater Asbestos containing building material: Eternit, roofing tiles; Eternit tiles; heat insulation panels. Asbestos containing products: brake lining, seals View
Packaging of dangerous substances Containers of chemicals, cleaners, paint, lacquer, acids, brines, photochemical products, containers of oil, grease, fuel, containers of plant, pest treatment substances View
Pesticides and manure pesticides; manure View
Plastics (general) Plexiglas®, PMMA, PVC products, floor coverings, windows, shutters, doors, profiles; other plastics of unknown composition View
Plastics in construction Plastic tubes made out of PE, PP and PVC View
Plastics (packaging materials) Plastic films, Moulds made out of: polyethylene (PE); polypropylene (PP) and polyurethane (PU); Styropor; Containers made out of: PE, PP, polystyrene (PS), PET (polyethyleneterephtalate); Compound cardboard, Tetrapak; Packaging chips View
Plastics in vehicles Fuel tanks (empty), hub caps, rear lights, indicators, bumpers, glass fiber, polypropylene (PP), polycarbonate (PC), PU (foamed), front lights, mirrors View

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