Project about apartment buildings:

Ecological waste management in apartment buildings

On the basis of the European Directive 2008/98/EG the Luxembourg law on waste management of 21 March 2012 provides that apartment buildings have to be equipped with the necessary infrastructure to allow for a separate collection of the various waste fractions (Art. 13, paragraph 3).

The "Apartment buildings" project

The main aspect is to largely reduce the quantity of residual waste by the separate collection and recycling of different products. In addition to the classic valuable substances like paper, glass and packaging (Valorlux), “bio-waste” should also be collected separately in apartment buildings in addition to various hazardous substances as medication, lighting appliances, electric appliances, batteries, packaging with paint residues or other hazardous substances and aerosols (spray cans). The building management organizes the transport of these products.

The “apartment buildings” project is based on the separate collection of waste on site.


Contact: Daniel Bronden

Tel: 488 216 - 235



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Collecting systems for apartment buildings in Luxembourg (pdf)

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