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As part of the Luxembourg national Waste Management Plan and national Plan for Sustainable Development, SuperDrecksKëscht® promotes the creation of an environmentally friendly society that protects its energy and resources.

But what does sustainability actually mean? We deal with this and other ecological issues in a range of different training courses, introductory and advanced vocational courses and also during visits to our SDK Logistics Centre. We work with many different target groups:

  • Once they have reached „Spillschoulalter“ (kindergarten), young children are able to grasp terms such as “sustainability”, although the focus here is not on giving them any facts and definitions but rather on showing children the small everyday things they can do to help protect the environment, such as sorting waste.
  • Sustainability is also a topic dealt with in schools where it informs the curriculum but it also encompasses school as an everyday living and learning environment, teaching materials and sustainable behaviours for both pupils and teaching staff.
  • Company vocational training courses to implement environmental management targets within a company offer not just ecological but tangible economic benefits too. Workplace processes can be designed to be more efficient and safety at work can be improved if all employees are involved in training courses on a regular basis.
  • Company visits are interesting and instil curiosity, because the capacity to be curious is something we should retain well into old age.

Learn as if you were to live forever“. (Mahatma Gandhi)

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