Your partner for environmental education: start learning young!

Our first and foremost aim at SuperDrecksKëscht® is prevention. Every ounce of waste that isn’t generated is a success. That’s why SuperDrecksKëscht® continues to regularly develop its educational concepts on the subject of waste prevention and sustainable consumption.

Through schools, nurseries, residences and other institutions, with the SuperDrecksKëscht® team serving as a partner in cooperation, teachers and educationalists are given new impetus to undertake sustainable activities with children.

During their visit to Colmar-Berg, children and young people find out all about what we do at SuperDrecksKëscht®, sorting waste, recycling and sustainability. If the educational and residential institutions prefer, our employees will be delighted to pay them a visit to supported their professional staff with a range of environmental education activities such as workshops, games and producing teaching materials. We find it very important to ensure the content is always delivered in an age-appropriate way.

Due to a strong increase in demand for our children- and school activities, we are often overbooked!

Therefore, please note our registration deadlines:

... for primary schools and High schools appointments at least 6 to 8 weeks in advance.

... for extracurricular recreational structures (eg Maison Relais, Foyer de Jour, etc.) make an appointment at least 4 to 6 weeks in advance.

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