SDK an der Schoul ("SDK at School")

SDK an der Schoul was primarily devised for teachers at primary schools in Luxembourg. A selection of modules on the subject of “sustainable waste management” allows teachers to effortlessly integrate environmental education into their day-to-day teaching. The modules perfectly complement the national curriculum and can be delivered easily in individual courses in cycles 1 to 4.

The teacher will receive a clear handbook to apply for each module and ample background information to prepare the teaching with ease. It includes complete worksheets, texts, audio samples, videos and detailed explanations on the objective of the module. With the SDK an der Schoul concept, you will be given valuable support in the form of a varied, information and easy-to-apply system with great activities for any primary school and any cycle.

And saving the best for last: If you wish, professional staff from SuperDrecksKëscht® will be there for you with help, advice and materials.


The SDK an der Schoul offers a range of topics and can be adapted individually to the needs of your class. But all of the modules share the same objective: to promote the children’s understanding of nature and the environment. By utilising all of their senses and all of their skills, it brings the subject of sustainable waste management to life in an age-appropriate and fun way.


Cycle 1 : 4 Modules

Cycle 2 : 6 Modules

Cycle 3 : 5 Modules

Cycle 4 : 7 Modules

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Contact us for individual information about our „SDK an der Schoul“ concept: Nadine Schneider +352 488 216-234 or animatioun@sdk.lu

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