SDK Um Tour - a facelift for our "SuperSpillMobil"

The SDK Um Tour range comprises a wide variety of workshops and games produced and delivered by our professional staff. Indoors or outdoors, we are equipped to cover any eventuality. Introducing children and young people to the world of sustainability in a playful and creative way requires creativity and flexibility, which is why SDK Um Tour contains far more than our famous “SuperSpillMobil”. Of course, the popular vehicle with the “Déierchen” is instantly recognisable and so will continue to be used. However, there are new versions of the games which will provide new fun and variety. You will be surprised!


With SDK Um Tour, we are fulfilling a desire that we care deeply about: to give young people an introduction to red-hot environmental topics and thereby lay the foundations for a responsible, sustainable society.

The various workshops deliver important information on how we handle our precious resources: our natural surroundings, animals and the environment in general. The children and young people learn why sorting waste and recycling are a key part of this sustainable future, why it is so important to protect our natural surroundings and how everybody can play their part. And this is all done with the main emphasis on having fun together, of course.

Raising awareness for a sustainable future starts with raising awareness among the youngest generations!


Nadine Schneider +352 488 216-234 or animatioun@sdk.lu

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