Let's do handicrafts !


- Fun

- Promoting creativity, fine motor skills and concentration

- Raising awareness of waste prevention/recycling

- Caused to imitate it at home


Make something old into something new! Handicrafts using waste materials such as paper or plastic bottles is also known as “upcycling”. It is a form of re-using materials that are rescued before they get into the bin because they can be turned into something useful or a pretty gift.

Upcycling handicrafts are the more environmentally-friendly form of handicrafts using expensive materials from craft shops. With a bit of creativity you can turn waste into something new and precious.

Spending time doing handicrafts is a precious value in itself, because in addition to being fun, it also promotes creativity, fine motor skills and concentration skills.

Children learn to give free rein to their imagination and express their own ideas. Cutting out and painting are training for the hands and fingers. And because fiddly activities require you to fully concentrate, handicrafts also help you to calm down. At the end, everyone is proud of their handmade artworks, which is beneficial for self-esteem.

Our “Let’s do handicrafts!” activities are suited to skills of children of kindergarten and primary school age.

And the best thing of all: anyone can do upcycling !

Contact us for individual information about our workshop “Let’s do handicrafts!” :

Nadine Schneider +352 488 216-234 or nadine.schneider@sdk.lu

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