Experience stories !


- Fun

- Promoting imagination and language skills

- Raising awareness of waste prevention/recycling


Reading aloud makes you clever! Children love having stories read to them. They are like taking a journey into your own world of experiences and emotions. Stories leave room for the imagination and are ideal for teaching values to children. Stories can promote children’s development in various ways, such as for example: „D'Geschicht vum Offallmonster“ (“The story of the waste monster”):

In this wonderful story, they will learn what the consequences would be if everybody were to handle the natural environment as thoughtlessly as the “waste monster”. Reading aloud also gives the children a better understanding of the importance of waste sorting and prevention. Meanwhile, it also promotes creativity and the ability to empathise with others.

Our “Experience stories!” activity is suited to the comprehension and learning processes of children of kindergarten and primary school age.

Reading aloud is like “an island of tranquillity”: everybody needs tranquillity!

Contact us for individual information about our workshop “Experience stories!”:

Nadine Schneider +352 488 216-234 or nadine.schneider@sdk.lu

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