Circular Economy

This course is aimed at all Luxembourg businesses. As an engine for efficiency and also a driver for innovation, the “circular economy” offers huge economic potential. This has already been recognized by many governments and companies and already at this early stage they are putting their faith in the positive effects for the environment that come from recycling and redesigning products and processes. As a reward for their innovation, these companies are now generating greater profits because they are able to significantly reduce their materials and energy costs. In addition, they can secure themselves great competitive advantage which also goes hand in hand with positive environmental benefits. Anyone interested in economic, strategic and sustainable development for their business ought to contribute to the “circular economy”.


The “circular economy” module aims to provide an overview of how trends have involved from the throwaway society up to the creation of circular value. It is important to recognise the fundamentals of a circular economy which are to ensure that products and goods get used many times and then at the end of their productive life are recycled as secondary raw materials. Quantitative and qualitative added value plays an important role here, which is reflected in an innovative valuation method – the “product potential” method which SDK has developed.

“Product potential” is an important requirement for a functioning “circular economy” !

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Possible training languages are Luxembourgish, French or German. English on request.

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