Eco-friendly cleaning / Eco Cleaner

These courses are aimed primarily at companies which use their own staff to perform cleaning duties, professional cleaning companies, local authorities and individuals who wish to work in this particular field. Eco-friendly cleaning is possible if cleaning equipment, machines and products are used in a professional manner and this goes hand in hand with proper organisation of the work. Having trained cleaning staff can help reduce the cost of cleaning and improve the quality of the cleaning as well as improving safety in the workplace.


The modules dealing with “eco-friendly cleaning” make it clear that professional cleaning is not to be equated with domestic housework. To begin with, to be able to use the right product and the right method it is important to identify which dirt you are dealing with! Using suitable methods, products and drawing upon professional background know-how will guarantee the best possible cleaning results and ensure your customers are satisfied.

Moreover, eco-friendly cleaning aims to raise the cleaning staff’s awareness of environmental issues. It starts with choosing the correct dosage and includes cleaning chemicals (e.g. pH, toxicology of the ingredients, etc.), waste and learning about methods for cleaning floors, surfaces and sanitary areas and how to adapt these methods to fit with current cleaning technology.

Eco-friendly cleaning needs to be learnt!

For more information about each module, see our current training catalog (german).

Possible training languages are Luxembourgish, French or German. English on request.

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