Safety at work

These courses are aimed at anyone who is potentially exposed to dangers through their work or who handles hazardous products. To prevent accidents, it is important that machines, products, equipment and personal protective equipment are used responsibly. When employees are properly trained, safety at work is improved and sick leave rates are lowered.


These modules on safety at work focus on raising awareness of safety issues at the participants’ own workplace. The starting point is all about actually recognising risks so that appropriate action can then be taken. This includes correct use of personal protective equipment and safety systems, avoiding causing accidents through personal, organisational or technical failure and being aware of the potential hazards of products by referring to their danger symbols and safety data sheets.

A basic knowledge of chemistry can help provide a better understanding of interrelationships and dangers. Some modules deal in part specifically with how to handle particularly dangerous product groups, e.g. pesticides, and include advice on their storage and disposal.

You can only protect yourself and others when you know what the dangers are !

For more information about each module, see our current training catalog (german).

Possible training languages are Luxembourgish, French or German. English on request.

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