Safety and future - learning for sustainable development

We never stop learning – at least as long as our daily routine does not stifle our innate curiosity and with it our opportunities and possibilities.

As an accredited Luxembourg training institution (ORGANISME DE FORMATION PROFESSIONELLE CONTINUE No 00113078/3),  SuperDrecksKëscht® is successfully established in the national training market with specialist expertise in these areas: Waste management, Safety at work,Environmentally-Friendly Cleaning  and Circular Economy.

Our modular training course offer can be tailored to suit the needs of different target groups both with regard to course content and duration:

For those who take part in our training courses we can offer a diverse programme based around practical, interactive methods; lunch with us can be provided (optional), catering during breaks and detailed training literature.

We are more than happy to share our practice-based know-how with you!

Please contact us for personalised information about our training programme and training courses and details of how to register:

Malou Origer +352 488 216-228 or

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