Waste avoidance and waste management in Luxembourg

The courses we offer are aimed at companies, as well as at local authorities and government institutions which want to optimise their waste management. By using intelligent waste management it is possible to recycle products and this often reduces the cost of waste disposal. The 2012 Luxembourg Waste Management Act demands maximum avoidance and separation of waste, e.g. for apartment blocks too.


The modules dealing with „waste management“ provide an overview of Luxembourg’s national waste management system. Emphasis is put on the legal foundations, the waste disposal and reuse infrastructure and how to correctly handle waste with regard to collecting, sorting, storing and transporting it.

Many practical examples are given which show that waste avoidance is not synonymous with foregoing consumption. Intelligent consumption (clever akafen) saves the environment. However, it is not always possible to avoid producing waste altogether, but “it does make a huge difference whether products end up in the dustbin or in recycling”.

The main objective of any waste management project is and remains waste avoidance!

For more information about each module, see our current training catalog (german)

Possible training languages are Luxembourgish, French or German. English on request.

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