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Long-lasting and energy-saving lighting   


The proportion of lighting appliances in the overall electricity consumption of an average household can reach up to 17% according to the Agence de l’Energie. By replacing all lighting bulbs with LED lamps this proportion could be reduced to 6%.

The LED lamps advertised by the SuperDrecksKëscht®  are tested among others on the basis of the following criteria :

  • Energy consumption (W)
  • Lumen output (lm)
  • Light efficiency (lm/W)
  • Life time (h)
  • Switch resistance (On/Off switching)
  • Quicksilver amount
  • Dangerous substances and mixtures
  • Packaging
  • Consumer information

Useful information on the subject „lighting“ (in particular LED lamps) are covered in the Guidelines.

In addition to energy efficiency and electricity saving, the energy source is also an important factor when it comes to „electrical energy“: Therefore you should prefer electricity produced from renewable energy sources.

Consumers can request test results of lamps from the partner of this campaign Union Luxembourgeoise des Consommateurs (ULC).

Take advice from professional retailers when buying lamps.

 More informations on the website www.oekotopten.lu.



LED luminaires with replaceable lamps

A luminaire refers to the entire construction surrounding the light source and consists of several components such as the fixture, socket, reflector, shade or glass cover. The actual light source, which is referred to as the lamp, is located inside the luminaire. (Source: www.ledtipps.net)

A light (lamp) is a device for giving (particularly electrical) light (produced by a light bulb, neon bulb or light-emitting diode). (Source: www.merriam-webster.com)

As part of the "circular economy" and with our current understanding that the ease-of-repair of items and the prevention of waste are an important part of sustainable consumption, the criteria for luminaires have been further developed.

The following points are covered by the current criteria:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Ease-of-repair / long life of luminaires (simple to change defective LED lamps with standard sockets)
  • Information on packaging
  • Packaging made of recycled materials wherever possible



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